At the beginning of the month, we encouraged you to try a month-long financial detox from something seemingly small you buy that adds up.

Turns out, a lot of you have spending habits you’d like to refine. For WampasaurusRex, it’s taking a Lyft to work; lisagirllost is cutting back on trips to the nail salon and food at work (a popular one); and SupergirlKP is trying to cut back on overspending when she’s out with her hockey team. DarthSarah is taking it a few steps further, aiming for a year-long detox, inspired by the book The Year of Less.

Get Ready for a Month-Long Financial Detox

We’ve all got a money habit or two we could stand to change.

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Mine was to give up Seamless, which I’ve stuck to, despite a strong temptation right around February 2. What I haven’t done is cook more, and better, meals—I’ve basically fallen back on scrambled eggs and pasta (healthy!). But I have two weeks to start building that habit.

How’s it going for you? Any tips or tricks you’ve developed over the past two weeks to avoid temptation? Let us know.

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