This article is by editor Linda Vergon.

Once again, we ring in the New Year and experience the phenomenon of being connected to everyone else. We’re tied together by the calendar. Even though we lead separate lives and have distinctly different journeys from every other person, we can’t escape the fact that January 1 starts a new year for us all.

Our reaction to the New Year is not necessarily shared, though. For as many that celebrate it, there are countless others that ignore it. Some use the occasion as a point of renewal while others take time to measure progress. It’s a personal decision that should always be honored as a matter of choice.

The 2016 goal

For us at Get Rich Slowly, New Year’s is a time to celebrate our connection to our readers and express our sincere hope that the year ahead will hold joy and prosperity for you and yours. We’re thankful that we get to share time with you every year and so we think of New Year’s Day as a time to reflect on our purpose and renew our commitment to it.

To that end, we’ve been taking time to consider the direction of Get Rich Slowly in 2016 and have decided on a course, a theme if you will. It’s not a resolution, but we are resolute. We want to provide information that can help you prepare for whatever comes in the New Year so that every one of us can make progress toward our financial goals. It is our hope that, when we reach December 31, 2016, each of us can say that our financial situation has improved.

Individual journeys to a common destination

But we recognize that not everyone is on the same journey. Some of us are further along than others. So we’re designing content in 2016 that reflects the diverse financial situations we have. Every month, we’ll feature content along three different tracks – getting out of debt, saving money, and investing – so that whenever you come to Get Rich Slowly, you’ll be able to find something that relates to your unique financial picture.

Our starting point this January will be “Taking Charge of Our Finances.” William Cowie will be talking about how we often look to others for advice when what we really need to do is dig in and learn something ourselves. Lisa Aberle will start us off with another fundamental aspect of personal finance — how to save money each month. I’m chronicling my husband’s effort to save on his commute by cycling to work. All examples of how we can take charge of our finances ourselves and make progress — and that’s just the first week.

But we’d love to hear from you. Sherry made this suggestion in the comments on yesterday’s article, Springboard to a prosperous 2016:

”I’d like to see Wm Cowie do something on the ins and outs of tax-exempt bonds and bond funds.”

Great idea! And while we’re at it, we can work some current events into our Ask the Reader feature and enjoy the discussion as LMoot mentioned too. Let us know what would help you make the most progress in 2016. We’d love to design content around those needs for you. In fact, you can reach out to me personally at if you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns.

Happy New Year, Everybody!

What financial goal(s) are you going to work toward this year? What do you need to learn?

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