by Brad Isaac on July 5, 2010

A reader asks “Brad in your blog post 26 Major Advantages to Reading More Books you make a strong case for reading more. But what type of books should I be reading?”

I believe your first choice in reading material should be books that will improve your work. A chef will become a better and higher paid chef by reading many books on varied cooking techniques. A programmer would become more efficient and successful by reading more programming books.

But I think we’re leaving out an important point. Everyone should own a Kindle? Nope that wasn’t it. The point is we can’t just read we must also apply what we learn in the books we read.

You’ve probably heard a million times “we learn from doing.” That’s true. Doing sets successful people apart from those who just read about it.

However, there are downsides to applying what we learn. One it takes effort. We have to close the book and get to work. That can be hard compared to the task of reading. But we are different. We can do that.

Another downside is often while applying what you’ve read you find the writer was a maniac. You discover his methods are pure nonsense.

To combat the nonsense writers, we attack that problem with discernment. And the only way to build effective discernment is through experience. And how do we build experience? Well, one powerful way is by applying what we’ve learned from the books we read. cue song ‘Circle of Life’…

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